A collection of data on economic openness.

The data set contains a large number of openly available data on economic openness. We regularly provide an updated version to facilitate research on globalization and related issues.

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For our research on globalization we compiled a comprehensive data set on economic openness. Here we provide this data and provide regular updates.

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The most recent raw data

Download the most recent version of the data.

The corresponding R package

To regularly update the data we use this openly available R package. Here you can get the source code to do the update yourself.

The corresponding paper

The data set emerged from various works on globalization and related issues, but it was introduced in this paper published in the Review of World Economics*.

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We are sure the data set will be far from perfect. While we cannot guarantee to fulfill all your wishes, we appreciate any feedback.

A word about citations

In case you find the data useful it would be great if you cited our paper - as well as the original sources of the data. Here you get more information about how to do so.

More about the authors

Here you can find a short introduction of the authors and links to their websites and institutions.

Acknowledgement of funding

The research that has led to the compilation of the data set, the development of this homepage, and the publication of the accompanying paper has been funded by the Anniversary Fund of the Austrian Central Bank (Österreichische Nationalbank) under grant numbers 17383 and 18144.